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TAPIOCA….The Magic Plant for a Sustainable Future

Tapioca is one of the key economic crops in Thailand, which has driven our macroeconomics. Each year, the total production is around 28-30 tonnes, 25% goes to domestic consumption while 75% is for export. Presently, Thailand is ranked the world’s number one exporter of tapioca products.

In 2016, Thailand reached a ground-breaking record of export with a remarkable value of 100 billion baht. As multipurpose crop with immense versatility, we can see Tapioca application in various industries such as food, beverages, cosmetics, medicines, as well as animal feeds and alternative energy sources like ethanol as well as bio-chemical products. As for microeconomics, Tapioca plays important role in helps generating income for more than 500,000 farmer’s families nationwide. It is indeed, the Magic Plant fueling the nation.

Driving Tapioca Industry towards the road of Sustainability.

The World Tapioca Conference is a biannual event organized by the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand to underline the country’s leading position as Tapioca producer and exporter as well as the regional hub of Tapioca technology. The conference also set to build confidence among buyers and users worldwide and provides a meeting platform for all stakeholders to discuss and seek collaborations. The World Tapioca Conference, has been organizing for 4 times, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015.

The previous conference welcomed over 1,500 participants, from importers, buyers, users, to interested parties from more than 13 countries, namely China, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and India. The event successfully attest Thailand’s strength as a trusted producer with high production standard and delivery and at the same time offered stakeholders within the industry to seek further collaboration in both government and private scales. WTC has help expanding the export value of Tapioca. Through MOU signing during the World Tapioca Conference 2015, 500,000 tonnes of Tapioca chips trade worth 3.5 billion baht has been sold.

World Tapioca Conference 2018

The key factors supporting our position as the world’s leader are high quality products that meet international standards, high standard in delivering, together with customers’ demands driven policy that allow Thailand to provide assurance to the importers of Tapioca products from around the world. The World Tapioca Conference 2018 (WTC 2018) is taking place this month in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.

And as one of the key areas of tapioca production, the province is ready to welcome all key players in the industry from around the world to participate in the fifth conference of its kind, June 27-28, 2018 at the Centara Grand at Central Plaza Laprao Bangkok. Being hosted by the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, WTC 2018 will once again serve as the central stage for traders, buyers, academics and specialists in the industries to meet and connect with exporters, members of tapioca plantation associations, and farmers from throughout Thailand.

With a befitting theme, “Can you see the Magic?” The Magic Plant for a Sustainable Future. The conference will celebrate the Thai tapioca industry’s strength and potential, and at the same time, emphasize the massive growth toward the sustainable future in the past years.

Activities in the World Tapioca Conference 2018

1. Dinner Talk: Being dubbed, “Tap to the Future”, the Dinner Talk and welcome reception will honour international as well as Thai distinguished guests while updating and providing them in-depth information, outlook as well as the sustainable development of tapioca industry in Thailand and the ASEAN Region. The panelists are global authorities and the industry’s heavyweights from Thailand, the ASEAN and beyond.

2. Academic seminars: Keynote speech by Thai executive anda-list speakers from the public and private sectors will be on hand to address the audience from both the exporting and importing sides in a series of panel discussions and lectures. In the spotlight are pertinent issues on the development in heightened competitiveness, exchanges of information on the fast-paced trends, direction and estimates of tapioca production and trade, challenges in the ever-changing trade environment, among others.

3. Tapioca Exhibition: Focusing on the benefits of tapioca and tapioca products from Thailand, presenting in the Sustainable Lifecycle of the Magic Plants. The exhibition is fully supported by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), the Thai Bioplastics Industry Association, and various educational institutions. The exhibition features 7 zones: “The Wonder of Tapioca” showcasing huge tapioca roots; “Tapioca Time” showcasing the latest innovations and technologies related to the production and processing of Thai tapioca; “Tapioca is around you” displaying cycle of tapioca products which are parts of everyday life as well as Tapioca as major export products; “The Magic Plant” showcasing research and development of tapioca; “Super Tapioca” displaying works of outstanding tapioca farmers; “Tapioca Cafe” featuring demonstrations and fun activities; and “Tapioca Clinic” featuring consulting clinic from Tapioca experts.

4. Tapioca Product Showcases: An exciting exhibition presents greater perspectives on tapioca products. On display are the alternative energy project, the tapioca market intervention project, the green industry, as well as a product showcase on tapioca farming and related machinery.

5. Trade negotiation: This portion of the conference will offer areas conducive to business negotiations for exporters/importers/traders of tapioca looking for ideal trade deals. Furthermore, the Thai Government will make the best of this opportunity to promote B-B trade with foreign representatives participating in the conference.

World Tapioca Conference 2018

27-28 June 2018 Bangkok, Thailand

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